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Renewal Begins with Detachment, Mystical Praying


In the modern Church, many have grown too comfortable, and instead of seeking the higher, supernatural things, they are chasing the worldly things. In order to begin the path to higher forms of prayer such as infused contemplation—led by God–we must be willing to cut ties with the things of the world that weigh us down. Even good things must be turned away from and we must ask God to cleanse us of our sins. Every day, we must give prayer top priority. This prayer will enable us to detach and overcome from the things of the world. This intimate union with God through prayer will lead the Church to Christ and renew it.

It is important to begin by separating ourselves from our mortal sins and venial sins. Cutting out mortal sin is obvious, but indifference towards venial sin impedes spiritual growth and can lead to backsliding into mortal sins we thought we had overcome by God’s grace. Even the smallest attachment to sin, or to worldly things, can keep us from ascending towards God. The Lord Himself tells that we need to seek out the things in heaven and not those of this world.

The young rich man (Matthew 19.16-30) is a good follower of the law but he’s attached to his wealth. When the Lord calls him to leave his…

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