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Workshops in Regional Centres to Explore Healthcare Workforce Solutions


During the past three months, NGA’s Healthcare Delivery and Postsecondary Education teams convened teams from 20 states and territories in a series of regional workshops as part of the Next Generation of the Healthcare Workforce project. The regional workshops were designed to bring together workforce and healthcare leaders for a series of discussions on the challenges faced by healthcare workers. Industry experts also spoke and innovative solutions were developed. Each meeting included a session by an official of the Health Resources and Services Administration. This session focused on ways that states and territories could work best with the administration and use existing resources to support recruitment and retention efforts.

The east regional workshop was held May 24-25, in Washington, D.C. at Boston Consulting Group’s DC office. The workshop was held in Washington, D.C. and brought together seven states involved in the project for two days interactive programming. Topics covered included interstate license compacts and healthcare workforce data, planning and recruitment. Participants heard from experts and NGA Partners including the Council for State Governments…

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