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Competitors at the Caribbean Multihull Challenge Rally 2024
Laurens Morel

With a building southerly breeze coursing down the alluring east coast of the isle of St. Maarten, aboard Californian Ron Boehm’s Bob Perry-designed Antrim 52, Little Wing, and the island’s own Petro Jonker’s Leopard 47, SearductionThe action was furious. The two Caribbean Multihull Challenge veterans may have been sailing in the event’s supposedly laid-back Rally segment for cruising catamarans and trimarans, but their crews were trimming their kites in a tight jibing duel as if competing for the America’s Cup. Aboard Little WingIn a short puff, the speedometer reached 8 knots. This is not bad at all for a cruiser cat. The Rally began, and sailing conditions were cool and sweet. This was a pleasant surprise as the day did not start with excitement.

The 6th Caribbean Multihull Race and Rally, which began Thursday in light winds of only 5-6 knots with a full racing schedule for the nine-boat CSA 1 Division; the ten entrants of the CSA 2 division, had a full race program on the agenda.

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