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Rarest Modern Mopar


Everyone has heard of the Hellcat, the Red Eye, the Trackhawk, and even the SRT8, but have you ever heard of the Dodge Magnum “Red Badge?” Only 320 people in 2007 and 116 people in 2008 chose the 29r Road and Track “Red Badge” package making it the rarest modern Mopar of all.

The 29r Road & Track package has all the same performance upgrades as the SRT8 with the exception of Brembo brakes, and the larger Hemi 6.1. However, the 5.7 Hemi is still quite powerful with the SRT performance upgrade.

Some refer to it as the “fat man’s Corvette” it combines outstanding performance and handling, and the comfort of a luxury car, with room for the entire family.

Scott Vreeland’s 2008 Magnum “Red Badge” has been upgraded with Hellcat wheels, muffler delete, K&N fresh air kit, and Diablo tuner.

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