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Rams hire Mike LaFleur to be their OC


Rams hire Mike LaFleur to be their OC
Cale Clinton
27 January 2023, 11.49am

According to NFL Network’s report, the Los Angeles Rams have hired Mike LaFleur (ex-New York Jets offensive coordinator) for their offensive coordinator job. Ian Rapoport.  

LaFleur served as the offensive coordinator for New York Jets the past two seasons. Even though the Jets were never ranked higher than 22nd for offensive DVOA, New York was better than eight of their last nine seasons with a -8.3% offensive and -9.6% respectively. LaFleur was also the San Francisco 49ers’ passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach.

The league’s 23rd-ranked offensive DVOA for the Los Angeles Rams was -8.1%. It’s the team’s first season without a negative offensive DVOA. This was under Sean McVay who has been contemplating retirement. 

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