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Raising Gen Z to follow Christ


Gen Z is in desperate need of inspiration and guidance.

Jason Jimenez is a pastor who has worked with parents and students in the area of education for more than thirty years. He’s raised four Gen Z kids of his own. He says this current generation of children represents the most difficult parenting challenge in America’s history. The influence of social media, the spread of secularism in schools, the violent shootings at school, and racial and politcal divides has radically changed parenting.

He once conducted a question-and answer session with 50 students on the subject of government. Nearly all of the questions were about identity politics. Few students were interested to learn about the structure and formation of government, or the importance of Constitution.

How can you teach children to love Christ in light of the cultural changes affecting them? Jason answers that question on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Raising Up Gen Z to Follow Christ.”

He’ll help you better understand the world in which your children are growing up and offer four ways to raise children who are able to respond biblically to today’s culture:

  1. Jesus’ relationship to you is the model that you should follow. Talk to your kids about prayer and live a life of prayer.

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