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A young woman is grabbed by the hairs and shoved in the backseat of a truck. Her trousers where she was sitting are soaked in blood. Hamas Islamists have captured her and launched a war against Israel. She is one of a number of hostages who have been taken.

Israelis were surprised by Hamas militants on the 7th of October. It was a day which will be remembered forever. From the Gaza Strip, 2000 rockets fell in a hailstorm. Militants crossed the border into Israel and started stalking the cities of the Southern part.

In reports and videos posted on social media, militants are seen riding Jeeps and four-wheel drives to attack civilians. One video showed the execution. elderly citizens at a bus stop. Another showed young woman In the back of a pickup truck, her naked body was twisted and dead.

A music festival has been attacked. Videos on social networks that are not verified appear to show Hamas terrorists attacking a music festival held near a Kibbutz near the Gaza Strip. paragliding into the event. In other videos, attendees are seen fleeing as shots ring out. The New York Times There are still 500 unaccounted-for attendees.

As of the date of this article, at least 300 Israelis The dead have been declared ,…

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