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“Purrsonality” Traits of Traveling Cats: Does Your Cat Have What It Takes?


It’s becoming more common to see people traveling with their cats. Some felines prefer to stay at home. If you’re wondering if your cat would enjoy a road trip, or hoping to adopt a kitten who’ll become your furry travel buddy, learn to identify the personality traits that traveling cats share!

Many cats are now more adventurous and enjoy traveling with their owners! Fish and Chips and I have traveled with our cats for many years and can confidently say that cats can be taught how to love the outdoors. Cats with certain personality characteristics will be more likely to enjoy new experiences.

Traveling cats have distinct personalities

Cats have personalities just like humans. Some are homebodies, who prefer routine and caution. Some people are adventurous and can get into some pretty hair-raising situations.

What’s important to know is that the cat’s breed is irrelevant. Fish is half Bengal and half unknown. And Chips are the perfect mix of who knows what. To have the “purrfect” travel buddy, all you really need is a cat or kitten who enjoys learning new behaviors.

Cats that are outgoing tend to love traveling the most…

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