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Pup Seeks ‘Heart Medicine’ From Unlikely Sources To Cradle Her Fragile Soul


Three years earlier, a special dog called Shrimp was discovered as a stray. It was severely underweight and desperate for a loving family. Her affectionate personality led Jen to believe Shrimp was once a pet. Shrimp, a healthy and happy dog, lives with her adoptive parents in Los Angeles. She shares her home with an unlikely mini-zoo. Jen and husband adopted Shrimp at a Los Angeles animal rescue called Wags and Walks. Shrimp quickly adapted after being brought home. Her new family included a bearded drake named Fred Savage. An 11-year-old German shepherd named Wilbur and a five-year-old Guinea pig named Fat Lou.


Fred Savage, the quiet and gentlemanly bearded dragon, loves to hop on Shrimp’s warm back for a ride, which Shrimp seems to enjoy as well. This adorable duo has formed an unlikely bond, with Fred Savage often being referred to as the “brains behind the operation” for the whole family.

Wilbur, the older dog, has become Shrimp’s “man,” according to Jen. Although he didn’t necessarily ask for the title, Shrimp adores him, often showering him with kisses and affection. However, the most surprising friendship is between…

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