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PUBG dev says it bans up to 100,000 accounts a week, and now it's deploying AI models to hunt the cheats


Krafton, a PUBG developer, has a new PUBG game. The team’s anti-cheating blog has a new post., discussing the omnipresent problem of cheating in the game and what it's doing to tackle the villains. The first thing that is shocking to see is the sheer scale of the issue: “Everyweek, the PUBG Battlegrounds Anti-Cheat Team identifies, and imposes a permanent ban on, an average of 60,000 accounts, up to a maximum 100,000, involved in the distribution, sale, or use of illegal software.”

Why do players encounter cheaters? Krafton acknowledges the need for “a more comprehensive strategy” and says that it will continue to ban accounts until the cows come home. However, it also needs “a fundamental solution” that can be used to track and analyse accounts that are doing bad things.

The company is focusing on accounts used to cheat in ranked modes. It divides them into two categories, the first being “hijacked” accounts and the second “exploiting Survival Mastery Levels”. The first is fairly self-explanatory, and Krafton says its analysis shows that roughly 85% of permanently banned accounts were created prior to PUBG's transition to a free-to-play model (January 2022). Krafton claims…

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