Home Education As student numbers drop, schools hire more staff.

As student numbers drop, schools hire more staff.


Georgetown University’s Edunomics Lab documents the divergence between the growth of school staff and students. Please see the graphs below. Retrieved from

It may appear that the statistics on school staffing violates the laws of demand and supply.

Massachusetts has seen a 42,000 drop in students between elementary, middle, and high schools over the last decade. However, school staff numbers have increased by 18,000. In Connecticut the public school population fell by 7 % while the staffing increased by 8 %. Even in states where the population is growing, school staff have been increasing much faster than students. Texas, for instance, has 367,000 additional students, an increase of 7 percent over the last decade. However, the number employees has risen by more than 107,000 – a 16 per cent jump. Washington state has experienced a 20-percent increase in the number of employees, while students have increased by only 3 per cent. 

“When kids go to school right now there are more adults in the building of all types than there were in 2013 and more than when I was a kid,” said Marguerite Roza, director of the Edunomics Lab at…

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