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Progressive Cenk Uygur of 'The Young Turks' announces presidential bid


Cenk Uygur, a progressive media figure from “The Young Turks”, has announced he is running for president to try to get President Joe Biden out of the race.

Uygur asserted that Biden only has “a 10%” chance of winning the race for president. He said that Donald Trump is a fascist.

Uygur, who said he was “running to be the winner”, also stated that his participation in the contest is “a proxy for any candidate”. “We have to get Biden off the race,” said Uygur.

Cenk Uygur announces his presidential campaign for 2024


Uygur stated that his job was to act as Paul Revere, saying Biden would lose. He also said he would pressure the president into withdrawing from the race.

Uygur has a constitutional problem that could seriously affect his presidential ambitions. Uygur is a naturalized American citizen. The U.S. Constitution says that only a “natural born Citizen” or “a Citizen at the time the Constitution was adopted, shall be entitled to the office of president.”

Uygur has rejected the idea that he’s ineligible for the…

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