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Prime Day 2: Deep discounts on OLED TVs by LG, Sony and more


Stan Horaczek

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In just a few short years, OLED televisions were beyond the reach of many of us. Amazon Prime Day offers have made a contrasty, sweet OLED TV more affordable. Prices have dropped in recent years. OLEDs have exceptional contrast, because each pixel emits its own light. That allows them to turn off completely when they’re not needed to create deep, moody black levels that make content pop. Watching Alien For the first time, on an OLED screen? Revelatory. The episode was a great watch. Paw Patrol What if your child is asking for the nth time? At least it looks nice. Here are some of the best TV deals on Amazon Prime Day.

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LG B2 65-Inch Class Smart TV $1.196 (was $1.746)

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