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Praying to Jesus is a waste time


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Praying to Jesus is a waste time
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Why do Christians prefer to follow Jesus than god? Even though god may be present in the home, most prayers praise Jesus and the good news from the new testament. While I was at church, I often felt a sense of dread. Praying to Jesus is a waste time It made more sense to me to pray to God.

They repeat scriptures from the Bible word for word if they say to pray this in God’s name. At the end prayer it is said, “in Jesus name” because the bible told me so.

Christians are expected to live their lives as Jesus lived them. According to the Bible, Jesus was a man without sin. Why is this relevant to us today? bible everyone has sinned and come short of god’s glory?

These activities include prayer, worship, support and other godly services. This all costs money, so attendees and supporters tithe to ensure that the church and its religion will be around for a long time.

Church leaders are regular men and women. They are no different from you and I ,…

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