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Portrait of Pride — The Abby Family


Sam and I haven’t been on a real trip just the two of us since before we had kids, so I’m often daydreaming about international adventures with her.

Tell us a little about yourself and your profession.
Laura: Sam and I have been a couple for the better part of two decades, and we’ve been in business together for five years. We own The Studio @ Beacon a boutique gym in Beacon New York, where I offer cycling and boxing lessons. We take pride in the community we’ve created there, especially as a place where our LGBTQ+ neighbors feel welcome. I am a writer. I’ve been featured in a variety of publications and last year I wrote and hosted my first podcast with Paradiso Media, Seventeen: Conversations with My Teenage self.

Sam: After a decade of working in media, I switched careers to become an account manager at a global marketing research company.

Independence Day Celebration (Photos provided by The Abby Family).

Why did you choose this place as your home and where do you live?
Laura: We live in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. After nearly a decade living in New York City we decided to start a family, and we knew that our lovely little one-bedroom apartment wasn’t going to…

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