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Plumbers weigh in: How to remove odors from a kitchen drain + how to unclog one that is slow-draining


If you’re like us, you’ve noticed that every so often your kitchen sink drain starts to drain slowly or there’s a funky smell emanating from it and it’s stinking up your kitchen. Though it’s easy to give the sink itself a good scrubbing, tackling whatever had built up inside of the pipes right below the drain can seem daunting. And yet, if you don’t, you may end up with a bigger problem on your hands — a clogged drain. Plumbers agree that regular drain cleaning will not only stop the smell from your sink but prevent clogs as well. They shared their secrets on how to clean your kitchen drains and eliminate odors, without the need for expensive products or expensive house calls.

What’s the best way to remove drain odors?

In the pipe below the drain, food waste and grease can build up. This can lead to a foul smell from rotting foods. You can remove the grease and eliminate any build up. And you don’t need to buy specialty products to do it either.

Try hydrogen peroxide

“If you want to eliminate bad odors, grab a bottle…

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