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Dressage riders can ditch spurs entirely at top level


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Dressage riders who opt to compete spurless in international competitions will no longer have to wear “dummy spurs” from next year, if a proposed rule change is given the nod of approval.

Spurs, or dummy spurs – which give the look of wearing a spur but have no shank – are already optional at all levels in national competition.

The rules are the same for all international dressage events, except that ponies or children on horses cannot compete. The International Dressage Officials Club (IDOC) is suggesting to change that – and has the FEI’s support.

“Since ‘dummy spurs’ are allowed, it seems archaic that a rider would have to purchase these spurs when they could just as easily be allowed to go spurless,” stated the IDOC, in the first draft of FEI rule changes for 2024.

It is only a proposal at this time. Before the final draft of FEI Rules is created, stakeholders can give feedback until 16 August. The 2024 rules will be voted on by the national federations at the general meeting in November.

H&H Report last week on the other important proposals in this draft. These include an “equestrian charter”, tweaks to qualification rules for event horses returning to…

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