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Pet Door 101: How To Install A Cat Door In Your Glass Door


Cats can bring you joy and companionship. It can be annoying to have your cat constantly ask you to open the door. Here’s where cat doors can help. They allow your pet the freedom to explore outside at their own will. If you’re considering installing one in a glass door, this guide will walk you through the process.

Benefits of a cat door

Installation of a cat flap in a sliding glass door offers pet owners and cats many benefits. 

  • Your Pet’s Independence Cats are known to be independent. Cats are known for their independence.
  • Convenience: You can say goodbye to opening and closing the door each time your cat wants to explore.
  • Safety: The main door can be locked with a cat-flap to keep your home secure, while allowing your feline companion to roam freely.

Installation Steps

Understanding Your Glass Door

Be sure to identify the type of glass on your door before making any decisions. Double-paned glass is more difficult to modify.

The Right Cat Door

Choose a cat-friendly door to match your…

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