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Penn Lecturer Behind Grotesque Anti-Semitic Caricatures


Since Hamas’s attack on Oct. 7, a lecturer at University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School of Communication published several antisemitic cartoons, including one depicting Zionists drinking Gazan blood out of wine glasses. This is a version of an ancient blood libel used in antisemitic propaganda accusing Jews of using Christian children’s blood for baking matzah, among other rituals.

Dwayne booth, who became an adjunct professor at Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication in 2015, and teaches two courses at the Ivy League school, produces political cartoons using the pseudonym “Mr. Fish.”

Booth’s Instagram page also features a cartoon of Jews in a Nazi camp with signs that read “Free Palestine”, “Stop The Holocaust In Gaza” and “Gaza is the World’s Largest Concentration Camp.”

Another shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a bloodied butcher with red eyes, holding a long blade and a crumpled Palestinian Flag, while the third depicts an Israeli holding a pistol to a baby’s hospitalized head.

A fifth cartoon shows a Nazi Flag with a Star of David instead of a Swastika.

Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication didn’t respond to a request for comment ….

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