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Patents: A Tool for Inventors – Driving Your Chances of Venture Capital Investments


Patents are an essential part of any new company. And they can be a valuable intangible asset, significantly increasing your business’s value. And while this alone may make you feel like you’ve got what it takes to make it on your own, a significant sum from a curious venture capitalist can go a long way.

It is not easy to attract investors. That’s why, with the help of a qualified patent agent, Spencer Keller from Trademarkia, we’ll look at patents in-depth and get the inside scoop on how patents have built the success of business owners today. Let’s get to it!

Patents: 3 Benefits You Can’t Deny

While I hope that I’ve successfully “sold” the idea of getting patent protection to you, I’d be shortsighted if I didn’t go over the myriad of advantages there are to protecting your inventions:

  • Monopoly legal: The term “monopoly” has come to be associated with greedy companies trying to manipulate the marketplace. This is not the case. Instead, patents offer you a “monopoly” on your invention’s sale, use, production, distribution, import, and export. 
  • Credibility: A patent can make a huge difference to the credibility of your company. This alone can…

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