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Overcoming Impossible Odds


The Rubik’s Cube is the best-selling children’s toy in history. Erno Rubik invented it in 1974 as a way to teach students to analyze problems in three dimensions.

Rubik himself had to solve the cube before his students were able to do so. It was an enormous challenge. The Rubik’s cube has over 43 quintillion combinations. If everyone on Earth did just one combination per second, it would take nearly 200 years to complete all 43 quintillion possible combinations.

Rubik was also confronted with another problem: He had no Internet access or books to turn to. Rubik had to use his own problem solving skills and resolve. It took him one month to find the solution.

Rubik tells people, “When we encounter problems, there is an opportunity to discover something new and different. If everything isn’t good today, they can always be better tomorrow.”

Whatever you hope to achieve in life, one principle will be key to your success: Don’t quit. Even when you feel like the odds are against you.

You can reach Bigger is not always better. Achieving goals Small Businesses You can achieve your goals by taking one step at a given time. One day at a Time ….

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