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Our 5 Favorite No-Waste Recipes for 2024


While cooking at home can help to reduce food wastage, we tend to discard delicious portions of certain ingredients. These recipes use whole vegetables and other often-undead food products to make the most out of your produce. Also, check out our tips on how to eliminate food waste in your kitchen.

Pickle Brine Butter Crunch Rice

The pickle brine has a lot of flavor but is often thrown away when the jars are empty. This rice with crispy bottoms is full of briny flavors and a buttery crunchy.

Roast Pork with Chimichurri

Use the tops of beets and carrots to make a tasty chimichurri. Any leftovers can be frozen or used as a delicious sauce.

Meyer Lemon Cornmeal cake

Lemons can be boiled to remove the bitterness and soften the texture. Lemon zest sugar adds a fresh lemon taste to each slice.

Old-Fashioned Buttered Rolls

Make your own cultured butter and use the homemade buttermilk to make these fluffy, tender rolls. You can also use nonfat buttermilk from the store.

Broccoli-Apple Relish

The stems are often left out of recipes that call for broccoli florets. The stems are often left behind.
They are perfect for making a vinegary relish because of their natural properties. Serve over a…

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