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One State’s Approach to AI Integration and Rapid Reskilling


Since 1998, Michigan Virtual has worked hard to create a pathway to the future for educators and students. In order to fulfill this commitment, Michigan Virtual has released recent AI Guidance as well as implementation suggestions. These highlight the many challenges and opportunities that school leaders face when dealing with technology. 

AI Integration Framework

The AI Integration Framework divides the adoption process into three distinct phases: investigating, implementing, and innovation. 


  • Investigating AI is limited to initial exploration, understanding and applications.
  • Implementation AI is being actively integrated into schools, with a particular focus on ethics, targeted learning, and the foundational infrastructure of AI.
  • Innovating AI is used to assess holistically, in a comprehensive way, and with advanced applications. The column on innovation also highlights how AI could help to boost student ownership.

The framework then applies these stages across a variety of fields: Leadership & Vision, Policy Considerations, Instructional Framework, Learning Assessments, Professional Learning, Student Use of AI, Business & Technology Operations, and…

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