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How to save space quickly on your mobile phone


You can save space by deleting apps that you no longer use. Yura Fresh / Unsplash

How many of your apps are you using regularly? It’s not uncommon to have a bunch of apps you installed and eventually forgot about, each of them taking up precious space on your device and making it more difficult to find the tools you actually want to use.

Apple and Google know about their users’ struggles with unused apps, and they’ve built features into iOS and Android to try and handle it. You should know how your phone’s operating system handles forgotten apps behind the scenes, how these features benefit you, and how you can disable them if you want to.

How to delete unused apps from iOS

The iOS Settings app, showing the iPhone Storage screen and the option to offload unused apps.
You can enable and disable automatic app offloading from the iPhone’s Settings app. Screenshot: Apple

Apple’s iPhones have a feature called Offload Unused Apps that can help you with your app-hoarding problem, and it’s been around since iOS 11 launched in 2017. It’s sort of a middle ground between having an app installed and uninstalled: The bulk of the app is gone, but data and documents relating to it—like your settings and any files you’ve created in…

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