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On Affirmative Action Media once again prove they have no clue what Black people think


The mainstream media has portrayed the Supreme Court ruling that prohibits race-based university entrance as a blow to African Americans. Polling indicates that black Americans actually approve of the ruling.

The overwhelmingly white media has misrepresented black opinions before, but the mistake always seems to be in the same direction.

Since the Supreme Court’s June 29 ruling, headlines have blared dire predictions about the future of black students in American higher education—many by black college students and activists.

ABC News: “Students react to landmark Supreme Court affirmative action decision”

Bunmi Omisore is a student of Duke University. She finds it difficult to explain in an essay the impact race has had on her life as a woman who is African American. If I was applying to colleges today, I’d have to include those traumas as part of my Common App essay. “I would have to write those traumas, and those very difficult…

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