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Offshore Navigation: Your guide to this essential skill


It can be intimidating to learn how to navigate offshore. Jimmy Cornell explains what it is and how parameters are changing.

Since I can remember, my dream was to sail my boat around the globe. This dream became reality in the 1970s as I prepared for a journey around the globe with my wife Gwenda. We also had our two children Doina and Ivan. First, I joined a class on offshore navigation. This course turned me into an addict for life.

I was able to learn about the importance and use of pilot charts during my six-year-long voyage around the world.

The monthly pilot charts were the only way to get information about the sailing conditions. They showed the predominant wind direction, strength and percentage, the currents and tropical storms.

The first chart of the North Atlantic was created by Lieutenant Maury in 1853. It showed the winds and currents that prevailed in the North Atlantic ….

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