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Oceanco’s Aeolus Takes its Inspiration from the Wind


Oceanco has always had a keen eye on the future with its innovative approach to engineering, design, sustainability, and onboard lifestyle. Those values are embodied by their NXT initiative—a forward-looking program that seeks to redefine the way superyachts are designed, built and experienced behind the driving force of sustainability.

Aeolus, a new design aligned with NXT, was introduced by the company in March. This revolutionary design is named after the Greek God of Wind, Aeolus. It combines the talents of NXT Collective Partners Giles Taylor and Njord, Bergman Design House, for the exterior, and Lateral Naval Architects for the interior. ABB, MTU, and ABB are also involved in the technical innovations.

“Aeolus is intended to have a transformational impact on those who experience her. She reflects how we relax, connect and work in the modern world, seamlessly transitioning between destinations and modes of living,” says Oceanco. “Aeolus resides at the junction of majestic elegance and structural efficiency, striking an intriguing equilibrium between feminine curves and masculine.”

Aeolus Unveil (; 1:33).

“Aeolus’s design sculpture is harmonious and borne of the…

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