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NYU Activists Destroy Photos of Hamas Prisoners [Updated]


New York University is investigating a videotape that shows three alleged NYU student tearing down posters with Hamas captives. The videos were taken outside NYU’s Tisch Hall and shared by the Students Supporting Israel NYU Chapter. The chapter identified the students as NYU, but there is no confirmation from the university.

The Chapter wrote on X.: “Today, we witnessed 2 NYU students violently tearing down posters of kidnapped babies, mothers, and grandmothers hanging outside of NYU Buildings. This was done in a laughing manner, exhibiting complete disregard for Jewish lives and Jewish safety.”
flyers torn down

The red and white posters with the word “KIDNAPPED” have gone up across New York City to remind people that 200 people have been taken hostage by Hamas.

These individuals’ desire to remove images of victims of terrorist attacks is telling.  To protest Palestinian grievances and advocate for Palestinian rights is one thing. On our campuses, many have been doing so for years. But that must be accompanied with a condemnation for the killing of civilians, the raping of women and the taking hostages. Those atrocities are crimes against mankind under…

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