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Nvidia has announced G-Sync for GeForce Now. It works with any VRR display.


Nvidia prepared for CES 2024. It announced The RTX 40 Super Graphics Card Series, along with the usual focus on hot-ticket items such as AI, Robotics, and Tools for Professionals. But there's more. Updates are coming to its GeForce Now streaming and G-Sync variable update rate technology.

Nvidia has announced that it will add cloud-based G Sync support to the GeForce Now Ultra Tier. This surprised me, but in a positive way. This will allow variable refresh rate monitors to match the FPS of games streamed via Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service.

Jacob Ridley saw it in action and confirms that it worked. Nvidia has said that it works on any screen with variable refresh rates, he adds. When used in conjunction with Nvidia's Reflex technology, Ultimate Tier members will be able to experience tear-free gaming on just about any capable device, mimicking gameplay as though you are playing the title locally. We'd have to see how it performs outside of a controlled environment but it does indeed sound like a promising improvement for GeForce Now.

Nvidia also expands Reflex to include 4K titles at 60 fps or 120 fps ….

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