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Nurturing Young Eyes

Nurturing Young Eyes

Florida Retina Institute’s compassionate care for pediatric retinal health…

Early diagnosis and intervention are crucial in stopping the progression of retinal disease that affects infants and young children. Florida Retina Institute, a specialized clinic with doctors who are experts in pediatric surgery, is an example of excellence. This practice takes a personal approach, working closely with both parents and their children to reduce and prevent any vision loss. The vitreoretinal specialists at the practice provide comprehensive counseling to young patients and empower them with tools to manage their condition.

Understanding the complexity of pediatric retinal diseases

The retinal diseases that affect the light-sensitive tissues at the backs of the eyes can appear from childhood to adolescence for a variety of reasons. Whether stemming from developmental anomalies, genetic predispositions, inflammatory responses or accidental traumas, these conditions significantly impact a child’s vision. Florida Retina Institute stresses the importance of a comprehensive diagnostic process and expert management in order to tailor interventions.

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