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Nurturing Birth’s Essence


Tree of Life Birth & Gynecology offers expectant mothers and their families a range of delivery options and unmatched personal care.

Tree of Life Birth & Gynecology is a dedicated and compassionate establishment that redefines the childbirth experience. Tree of Life, nestled in a tranquil oasis-inspired setting, is designed to provide a holistic approach to birth, as well as a supportive and safe space for expecting mothers and their family.

When speaking with founder and certified nurse midwife Kaleen Richards, the mission is clear: to empower women and families throughout the childbirth journey, fostering a sense of connection, respect and joy during this transformative period, and offering continued support throughout the patient’s lifelong feminine journey.

“Our approach encompasses physical, emotional and mental well-being, ensuring that mothers receive comprehensive care that extends beyond the delivery room,” Richards says.

The Vision

At Tree of Life, Richards’ vision is a world where childbirth is embraced as a natural and empowering process. “Our goal is to create an environment where mothers feel empowered to make informed choices, families are actively involved in the birthing…

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