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Nurturing Excellence through Education and Character


Windermere Preparatory has earned its reputation by preparing students for personal and professional success.

Windermere’s Preparatory School is a beacon for academic excellence, character building and holistic development. This renowned institution, which was founded in 1898, has been committed to providing students a comprehensive education to prepare them for academic success and personal growth. Windermere Preparatory school continues to mold the next generation leaders and innovators with its cutting-edge facilities, diverse curriculum, and supportive community.

Windermere Prep opened in 2000 and now operates with the support of its parent company Nord Anglia Education has a rich history of creating excellent learning environments. Since its founding, the school has strived to provide students with a unique educational experience, fostering creativity, intellectual curiosity and character growth. The school offers a stimulating and nurturing environment for students in pre-kindergarten to grade 12 with a boarding programme starting in 7th Grade ….

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