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*NS – back to editorial*62 Dog Breeds That Start With C: Pictures, Facts & History


Many dog breeds begin with the letter C, and you’ll see quite a variety! You’ll find 62 dog breeds in this section, from giant to small and curly to straight-coated.

There are purebreds and mixed breeds.


There are 62 breeds of dogs that start with the letter C

1. Cairn Terrier

cairn terrier
Image Credit: hazelw90, Pixabay

The Scottish terriers were originally bred for a purpose: to eliminate pests such as rats from cairns. Cairns are mounds made of stones that mark graves and boundaries.

2. Canaan Dog

Canaan dog
Image Credit: Yousefsh, Shutterstock

Canaan is a breed that originated in Israel, Lebanon and other countries bordering Israel. The Canaan has been used in many different jobs including as sentry dogs, messengers, service and service dogs, and guide dogs.

3. Canadian Inuit Dog

Canadian Eskimo or Canadian Inuit Dog
Image Credit: Karen Appleby, Shutterstock

The Canadian Inuit Dog used to be called the Canadian Eskimo Dog. However, the Government of Nunavut has changed its name and it is now the official dog of Nunavut.

Unfortunately, these dogs are no longer common. They have been used by the Inuit for many centuries for pulling sleds.

4. Cane Corso

Cane corso sitting on the ground
Image Credit: Jaromir Chaubala, Shutterstock

The Cane…

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