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NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge is back – with a fourth-grade edition!


Microphone? Check. Headphones? Ready. A story you just can’t stop talking about? What’s that?

Yup, it’s time again for NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge. And we’re here to announce the opening bell of year six of this annual competition.

In our first half-decade, we’ve listened to more than 15,000 podcasts, from more than 80,000 young people all over the country. You’ve explored serious issues, like the pandemic lockdown and how it affected learning and mental health; how our changing climate is impacting your lives.

Some of our students, such as some of the winners, shared deeply personal stories about their families, hometowns or identities. We remember stories from years ago about race and gender issues, disabilities and the struggles of being young in this troubled time. Along the way, students have remembered to share the fun, excitement, and joy they experience in their own lives and communities.

On our end, we’ve listened to your feedback each year – great suggestions that have brought our ongoing College Podcast Challenge, and a special prize last year for the best podcast about mental health.

This year, we’ve got a big new…

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