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What are the advantages of a good workplace design?


A good workplace design can improve productivity, performance and health of your employees. As an employer, it is important to understand this non-monetary benefit, because you can enhance perks such as competitive salaries, fun incentives, and a fun work culture with the right workspace.

Even if you’re an employer who believes in flexible working hours, issuing business leaves, extensive learning and development, generous work benefits, and attractive retirement pension schemes, you may have come to notice a lack of employee engagement within the workforce and grow concerned.

As you ponder your employee’s health and well-being, the concept of good workplace design crosses your mind and you start to ask questions like:

  • The office layout should be appealing to employees.
  • Does it motivate them to achieve and cultivate productivity in their work?
  • Does the office appeal to potential new talent and do its values match those of the company?

In this article by Pacific Prime Singapore, we’ll look into the importance of a good workplace design, how to promote workplace wellness, and explore the main advantages of effective workplace design.

What is Workplace Designs?

Google will bring up a number of explanations.

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