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Catholics cannot be lukewarm


Because you are neither hot or cold, but lukewarm instead, I will throw you out My mouth. 
– Rev. 3:16

The global pandemic triggered by the Coronavirus is a great opportunity for us to reassess, and evaluate, our priorities. Can it be that God is asking us to decide whether we want to stand with Him or against Him in a final decision? We cannot serve two masters. We must choose whether to love the Father or to love the world with all our hearts (refer Matthew 6:24, and 1 John 2:15). Lukewarmness is a sin against God’s love, and is defined by the Catechism Of The Catholic Church as the “hesitation or negligence in responding to divine love; it can imply refusal to give oneself over to the prompting of charity” (2093).

There is no place for ambiguity in our Catholic faith. Catholic doctrine and morality is not a mere suggestion; it demands consistent adherence. The choice is simple: either we fully embrace God or reject him completely. In our Catholicism we are not to be selective, choosing only what is convenient for us, like when we choose items from a menu in a cafeteria. Christ and the…

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