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Crypto Scammer Announces Retirement

Crypto Scammer Announces Retirement

Monkey Drainer, a notorious crypto-scammer, announced they were closing down following an exposure in an online dispute. 

Monkey Drainer Shuts Off

The crypto scammer infamous for his crypto wallet draining kit has announced that they will be moving on to “something better.” They wrote, 

“Monkey drainer will be shutting down immediately, it has been a ‘experience’ serving other cybercriminals in the past year however it is time to move on to something better than ever before.”

Monkey Drainer is the pseudonym of the individual. He has been known for some high-profile, high-value cyber-thefts. They addressed the community via Telegram on March 1 and stated that they would be closing down their Telegram channel immediately and without any possibility of returning. All files, services and devices that were related to their draining system would also be destroyed. 

Is the Monkey Drainer Unveiled? 

Many believe that the scam may be being retired due to a recent revelation that revealed the anonymous cybercriminal. CertiK, a blockchain security company, revealed that it had discovered the real identity of at least one of these scammers around a month…

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