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E.C.D. Reveals No-Limits Building. Automotive Design


E.C.D. reveals a build with no limits. Automotive Design Custom Defender 130 is the epitome in opulence of an off-road legend

The Defender 130 comes with ultra-premium and unique features, such as copper-plated metalwork or a Brazilian Teak bed.

KISSIMMEE, FL – March 28, 2019 – E.C.D. Automotive Design, known for their prestigious, high-end luxury vehicles, revealed a custom Defender 130 from their Ultimate Vehicle Concept (UVC) division, where vehicle designs are limited only by the clients’ imaginations. The Defender 130 named Project Barge is the most heavily-customized vehicle that E.C.D. has ever built. The interior is filled with ultra-premium and unique features.

The two-tone exterior body of Project Barge is finished in full-gloss “White Diamond Pearl” paint, while the roof, front grille, and 18-inch Kahn Mondial Retro wheels are finished in “Nara Bronze.” A custom Safety Devices roll-cage was finished in premium Line-X in the same “Nara Bronze” to match.

Project Barge, the first vehicle by E.C.D. The rear tub is made of wood. The Brazilian teak creates a striking contrast with the pearl-white exterior. The copper-plated metalwork on the exterior and inside of the vehicle is another feature that makes Project Barge stand out. This is a first for E.C.D. Automotive Design. Copper-plated and patinated door hinges, fuel caps, exterior handles, interior brake and gas pedals, and exterior door handles.

“We’ve effectively given a brand new built vehicle an aged patina. The look is quite superb,” says Tom Humble, co-owner of E.C.D. Automotive Design.

Project Barge’s interior features a color of soft-brown Hydes Nappa in which the colors copper and bronze are combined. The interior features a variety of modern conveniences, including a Sony infotainment, a JL Audio amplified audio system, WiFi in the vehicle, blind-spot monitor system and rear air conditioning controls for passengers.

Project Barge is a great example of the level of detail that can be achieved through the Luxury Design Experience. This immersive experience gives clients complete control over vehicle design and details.

Automotive Design revealed the No-Limits Build by E.C.D. Automotive Design first appeared on Street Trucks.

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