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NJ Nonprofit Gives Millions of Diapers Local Families

NJ Nonprofit Gives Millions of Diapers Local Families

Bridget Cutler had just given birth to her first child in 2011 when she read an article about a mother forced to put her baby up for adoption because she couldn’t afford the child’s care. Cutler, who was more than satisfied, began to collect donations of essentials for babies in her Hoboken neighbourhood.

Cutler’s future co-founder Megan Deaton, who had infant twins, began bringing products to Cutler. The two mothers began working together soon. Every month they’d alert families in need, who would flock to Cutler’s garage to collect free supplies. The Moms Helping Mums program was born.

The organization was incorporated as a nonprofit in 2013. It is now based at a warehouse in Warren Township, where it collects used diapers, baby formula, baby essentials, and period products. Other organizations distribute the donations around the state.

According to the National Diaper Bank Network, one in two U.S. families can’t afford enough diapers to keep their children clean and healthy. Moms Helping Moms is a nonprofit that has been collecting diapers for 13 years. More than 600 volunteers have helped collect millions of them and accept thousands of donations. The nonprofit has organized diaper drives, raised awareness and increased the…

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