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Nichols Hearing & Audiology – Hear Well & Live Well

Nichols Hearing & Audiology – Hear Well & Live Well

photography by:  JODIE BRIM CREATIVE

It’s no secret life is all about connecting. You’re personal relationships and mental health are literally at stake!

Focused on life-changing, individualized care, Dr. Anna Nichols and the Nichols Hearing & Audiology team recognize the urgency of being able to communicate needs and feelings. If you’re struggling through daily life with even slightly diminished hearing, you owe it to yourself to see – and hear – what essentials you may be missing. While it’s springtime, you don’t want to miss the sounds of birds singing and soon, happy children at play on summer nights!

Even a slight hearing loss can make it difficult to communicate with your family or business partners on a regular basis. As communication becomes more difficult, you may withdraw – leading to depression and anxiety. If you’re shying away from sporting events or parties, you’re missing out on making new friends and learning new things, which are both essential to maintaining mental sharpness and the overall positive attitude that contributes to longevity. Dr. Nichols says that people with mild to moderate anxiety or depression can have a 60% increased risk.

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