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NFL Draft 2023 (Non) Grades


NFL Draft 2023 (Non) Grades
Mike Tanier
01 May 2023 at 09:20am

Philadelphia Eagles DL Jalen Carter

Now, the NFL Draft Performance Assessments for 2023 are here! What have we learned from this?

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have had a fantastic weekend.
  • Bill Belichick did Bill Belichick stuff.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles broke multiverse. At least, the Georgiaverse.
  • Dan Campbell did Dan Campbell stuff.
  • Will Levis jumped from the first round of frying to the Tennessee Titans fire.
  • Walkthrough gives rare praise to the Indianapolis Colts & Chicago Bears
  • The Atlanta Falcons have not.

Please note that these are not grades, but rather performance evaluations. Draft grades are clickbait. This substance, which looks like a grade, is pure science. It’s just like an “academic test” conducted on a Nintendo 64 by experts in scientific marketing and neuropigskin.

Some recent trades such as the Aaron Rodgers trade count. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they are only counted for one partner. It doesn’t really matter. You have already skipped the intro and moved on to your team. Wise choice. Let’s move on.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

The Improved Roster B
Use Resources Well : C
Meet Needs: B

Dalton Kincaid, a representative of…

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