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Tamie Smith on the importance of dressage


Tamie Smith riding Mai Baum in dressage at the 2023 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI5*. Photo by Allen MacMillan/MacMillan photography

Tamie Smith spent the winter of 2009 in Tamie’s home. winner of the 2023 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI5*The focus of the. Dressage With winning mount Mai Baum competing at the Prix St. George levels.

“I feel like it helped him with his The overall base condition,” Tamie says. “He came out much stronger this year than he has in years past. Dressage reminds me of weightlifting. Dressage horses build more muscle than marathon runners. It helped him gain more muscle and strength, and I felt like that was such a great exercise for both of us.”

Tamie Smith, who competed in Grand Prix dressage when she was a junior, values the skills and refinement her dressage horses gain from dressage training. She says that finessing her riding with Mai Baum, a German Sport Horse Gelding aged 18 years old before increasing his fitness for the eventing season and galloping works pays off.

Tamie recommends that you get on a horse with lots of dressage training if possible.


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