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Exports of New Zealand Sauvignon blanc spike due to demand


Cloudy Bay vineyards, Marlborough in New Zealand.

New figures from trade group New Zealand Winegrowers show that annual exports of New Zealand wine surged to NZ$2.4bn (£1.17bn) in the year to May 2023.

This was due to the demand for idiosyncratic flavors that New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc offers.

The UK has been using it for years in their supermarkets and restaurants, but now the trend is spreading to America.

‘New Zealand wine, particularly Sauvignon Blanc, is going from strength to strength in the USA, as consumers appreciate the distinctive flavours, commitment to quality, and know it is a unique product that they can trust,’ said Philip Gregan, CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers.

Despite only accounting for 1% of global wine production, New Zealand was the world’s sixth largest wine exporter by value in 2022, according to the group.

The United States, UK, and Australia are the largest export markets, accounting for most of the sales.

‘Reaching another new record level of wine exports into some of the world’s largest and most competitive markets is an outstanding achievement for New Zealand wine exporters, and testifies to the increasingly strong global demand for our wines,’…

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