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New: Rossi R95 Lever Action Rifle


Some things never lose their appeal, whether it is a 1969 Camaro or a Led Zeppelin CD. The lever action rifle also falls into this category — it’s been around for well over 100 years with only minor changes, and has remained popular. Rossi announced that it would be expanding its lever gun line with the Rossi R95. It is chambered for the popular.30-30 Winchester and comes in 16.5 inch and 20-inch versions.

Rossi R95 Specifications and Features

The new Rossi R95 comes in three different variants, each with a hardwood walnut finish, a rubberized recoil pad and adjustable iron sights. However, if your tastes are a bit more modern, it’s compatible with commonly-available aftermarket rails and handguards designed for “another major manufacturer’s lever action” (we’re guessing that means Marlin). The receiver also has a tapped and drilled hole for optic mounting.

The barrels of the R95 are hammer forged and all metal components are finished with a black oxide finish. There is a safety button on the rear of receiver for those who may not be used to operating lever guns in their traditional half-cocked positions. The tube magazine can hold 5 rounds, plus 1 in the chamber. The MSRP of the new Rossi R95 rifle is $949.

RossiUSA.com has more information about the Rossi R95 Lever Action Rifle.

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