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Have you ever wondered Why should I learn this?? It can be hard to grasp a new topic when we don’t understand how it will ever be relevant to us.

That’s where Khanmigo Interests comes in. Khanmigo’s Interests feature allows it to incorporate your passions and tailor each tutoring session specifically for you. Khanmigo can identify your passions through chat history and adapt its teaching to reflect that. Khanmigo Interests takes personalized learning to a new level.

Khanmigo: Your personal AI tutor

For those unfamiliar, Khanmigo is an AI-powered tutor and teacher’s assistant developed by Khan Academy, an education non-profit trusted by learners worldwide. Khanmigo harnesses the power AI to offer personalized guidance, support and engagement to learners of all ages and levels.

The Power of Personalization – Enhanced Engagement and Relevance

Imagine having a tutor that knows what you need to succeed academically. Khanmigo Interests can make this a real possibility. Khanmigo enhances your future conversations with topics that truly pique curiosity by saving your top interest from previous conversations. This…

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