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New issue of Sailing Today with Yachts & Yachting out now


It’s a packed issue of Sailing Today with Yachts & Yachting that comes out today in the UK, with a big preview of the Southampton International Boat Show and a review of some of the major events of the summer so far, including Cowes Week.

If you were racing at Cowes Week, you’ll know it was a challenging few days, with big winds causing some cancellations but great racing in between. The big winners are listed below.

We strive to ‘a sailing magazine’, rather than one of those that focusses on cruising or racing. After all, many of us enjoy doing both. In this issue, two adventurous souls share their experiences after living on a boat and doing the bluewater thing.

This month’s Guls Eye tells you all you need to about this beautiful haven. What do you see?

Maiden, obviously. She’s one of the Ocean Globe Race fleet, departing from Ocean Village in Southampton in September. This fascinating Corinthian Fleet is presented to you.

It’s not a sailing magazine without at least one shot like this. This article is a bold attempt to list the top 10 charter destinations.

This is a shot taken from our article about sailing to Iceland. It’s not a surprise! It’s an exciting tale.

This is the interior of one of our yachts that we tested this month. She’s a Jeanneau 55 and as you can see, very comfortable. Is she as good as she looks at sailing? Sam Jefferson doesn’t pull his punches.

Here we are on the Shogun 43 for our second test boat in this issue. The boat is fantastic.

© Jean-Louis Carli / Alea

We speak in depth to the team that will be competing for the Jules Verne Trophy on one of these monster tris.

In our October issue, we have all the latest developments on mainsails for racing boats as well as those with a more leisurely bent.

You can find a lot more information in the October 2023 edition, which is now available. Subscribe to the magazine or try a single copy.

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