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Classic Boat’s new issue is out now


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Classic Boat September Issue is Out Now. It features a shot taken at the recent Puig Vela Classica event in Barcelona. Nico Martinez, one of the world’s best sailing photographers, has captured this regatta in stunning photos. (Thanks Nico!)

XVI EDITION (copyright, Nico Martinez)

What made this edition of the regatta all the more spectacular was the presence of various America’s Cup boats, warming up for the 37th edition of the Cup, taking place in Barcelona next summer. We were treated to the cutting-edge of boat building design and technology, as well as boats from the early days of leisure sailing. This was a very interesting sight.

The Stuart Knockabout, a handy inshore design by L Francis Herreshoff, available today from Ballentine's Boat Shop on Cape Cod
The Stuart Knockabout, a handy inshore design by L Francis Herreshoff, available today from Ballentine’s Boat Shop on Cape Cod

But we’re not getting too philosophical in this new issue of Classic Boat! We bring you the latest from around the wooden boat world, including what’s going on in the wooden boatyards of New England and Maine. The USA boatbuilding feature this month will be followed by a UK boatbuilding feature next month. What’s next, you may ask?

Well, why not the UK’s West Country, for the biggest pilot cutter event this summer.

We take a quick flight back to the Med for a look at the recent changes in CIM, the committee that runs the Med’s classic boat handicap. It’s always good for lively pub discussions.

James Robinson Taylor

What R?oberto Olivieri first encountered this beautiful 1923 Camper & Nicholsons in 2014, in a Malaga shipyard, he said: “I saw her from below and was astonished by her beautiful lines. She had been abandoned for almost two decades, some of the wood was in bad shape, but I felt an ineffable sensation that captivated me.” 

This issue, we go sailing with Roberto. Find out more about the boat he owns, and what it’s like to sail.

And we’re also over in Australia, where we caught up with the great Gordon Ingate. Gordon is a great yachting storyteller and we really enjoyed talking to him.

We continue our ‘secret’ history of Jolie Brise. This picture shows her in 1933. Clare McComb has unearthed some atmospheric shots from those days and records of this much-loved boat’s movements. She’s done some miles over the years, that’s for sure.

The 1930 gaffer Wave was in a state of abandonment when her current owner found her, but he took such a liking to the boat that he paid five times the asking price – a full £5, no less! Nigel Sharp is the man who has this story.

Here’s Wave. Do you think she’s worth a fiver?!

This was taken at the Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta, one of our favourite events in the UK classic scene – and we’re not alone. The event is growing in popularity every year. In this issue, we have more from the regatta.

This is a new book written by Morgan Giles’ granddaughter. Fascinating stuff – reviewed in this issue.

Our latest issue has a lot more to offer. We hope you enjoy it.

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Classic Boat Magazine’s latest issue is now available.

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