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New Burger Motoryacht designed by Evan K. Marshall


BURGER 142 ATRIUM (; 2:26)

Wisconsin’s Burger Boat Company, in collaboration with designer Evan K. Marshall, has announced a new model: the 142 Atrium Motor Yacht.

The inspiration behind the new design was to establish an innovative centerpiece within the yacht’s interior. Marshall’s Atrium is a multistory grand entrance never seen before on a yacht this size. This unique feature will create a focal point that is one of a kind at the center.

Burger and Marshall reimagined beach clubs for the 142 atrium, taking into account the increasing popularity and demand of the feature. Taking further steps toward blending the yacht with its surroundings, the team has created an “Infinity Deck” that combines an open platform that seamlessly connects to the sea for relaxation and water sports. It is also linked to an indoor space for spa and fitness activities.

The Burger 142 Atrium Motor Yacht offers spacious, well-appointed accommodation for up to 12 guests. This includes a master suite with full beam and five guest rooms all with ensuite bathrooms. All of these staterooms offer abundant natural light…

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