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National Vegetable of India


Indian Pumpkin commonly known as “Kaddu” in Hindi, holds the distinction of being India’s national vegetable. The adaptability of this vegetable to different soil conditions and its widespread growth in India make it a staple food. This versatile vegetable is cultivated in a variety of ways. Both a climber, and a crawler.

The presence of the plant is ubiquitous and easy to cultivate

India’s Pumpkin popularity is owed to its Resilience and ease of cultivation. It India has a thriving horticulture industryIt does not require special soil. No matter if it spreads out or climbs like a plant, Indian Pumpkin This plant is known to be able grow easily and provide a large amount of vegetables.

The Humble yet remarkable Vegetable

Considered as a humble vegetableIndian Pumpkin is known for its high nutritional value. The easy-to-follow cultivation method produces abundant, high quality vegetables.

The pumpkin is associated with simplicity and has earned the title of a “poor person’s vegetable.” Its ability to grow easily and yield abundant produce makes it a valuable addition to the Indian diet.

Why Indian Pumpkins?

Indian pumpkin’s…

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