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Mushrooms (Psychedelic and Otherwise) Are Having a Moment—Here’s How to Have Your Best Trip


All things mushroom are in style. Authors like Michael Pollan, celebrity mycologists such as Paul Stamets and fashion brands who incorporate shroom-style into their products. The West is the home of mushroom cultures, whether culinary or otherwise. It’s still the best location to experience the fun and excitement of fungi. Luxury accommodations offer excursions that educate tourists about mycology and foraging. With Oregon’s decriminalization, psychedelic resorts are soon to be on the way.

If you’re interesting in booking a mushroom-centric vacation, take a look at the haute hotels offering foraging and learning experiences below.

Thompson Hotel, Seattle

Andrew Pogue

Set your sights on discovery in the Emerald City, where you’ll join executive chef Chris Ingmire and the Truffle Dog Company for a wild truffle-hunting excursion in the Pacific Northwest, followed by a seasonal dinner experience featuring the fruits of your harvest accompanied by Washington wine pairings. It’s impossible to ignore the smirks that the cute doggos are sure to bring during your stay.

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